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Learn Modern Hebrew with Ivrit talk

Over the last few years, thousands of people from around the world have joined Ivritalk:
The Jerusalem Post's Hebrew teaching service.
Via phone or Skype, students have the chance to chat & learn Modern Hebrew with our qualified tutors, all of whom are native Hebrew speakers.
Our Ivritalk teachers contact you, by phone or Skype, at the time you choose. There are several advantages to studying this way:

-    There are no interruptions
-    Talk and learn Hebrew at your pace
-    Chat about subjects that you are interested in and that are important to you
-    The Ivritalk teacher knows what you did in previous sessions and plans the next
     session with you.

The easy to use Ivritalk website enables our students to book speaking sessions at different times of the day. This is an opportunity to have a personal Hebrew teacher, who conducts the sessions according to your learning needs; you are not restricted by a curriculum that might not be relevant to you. Taking into account your current knowledge of Modern Hebrew and your specific goals, your Ivritalk teacher will decide with you on the best way for you to learn Modern Hebrew. You can focus on everyday life conversations, reading and discussing texts, checking Hebrew grammar exercises and more. And most important of all, the atmosphere is calm and friendly; our Hebrew teachers create an environment in which you will feel comfortable to chat in a foreign language.

Students recommend

“I have been learning with Ivrit talk for 9 months now and i know that my Hebrew has improved enormously thanks to these lessons. The lessons can cover anything you want! Often i start out discussing articles from the ivritalk easy newspaper - but usually the conversation evolves to cover wider topics. Often one of my teachers will email me short clips to watch in my own time and we then discuss them at our next lesson. Sometimes i have even sent photographs from home to be the source of the lesson. A great idea is that your teacher immediately emails you a list of new words and grammar covered after each lesson - if you read it the same evening it helps to re-enforce the learning points and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes again. This is a much more "organic" and natural way to learn a language than the boring didactic language lessons I remember from school”
Tanya, The United Kingdom

“I have learned to read Hebrew after many many years of feeling that I just couldn't do it. The combination of the Ivrit Magazine and the individual lessons have given me the support and confidence to get beyond the "barriers" I had in place. I began a year and a half ago with the help of the Magazine at the "one star" lowest level and I am now at the "three star" level and have even taken on complicated newspaper articles. I feel the teachers have given the upmost respect along with encouragement to move on in my life with new and more powerful tools. Reading is so important to be a part of the society at my age and my level of intelligence.”
Jacqueline, Israel

“I am a manager in my sixties and working for a multi-national company, HQ based in Germany, but we have a branch in TLV: thus I always wanted to talk directly to my colleagues, get to know their problems, their efforts, their families, and sometimes their "Maccabi" ;-). So, a couple of years ago I started learning Hebrew: on my own! It was quite a tedious procedure with books and I learned a lot, basically a lot of errors ... Since I picked up J'slem Post Ivrit and Ivritalk, it's a completely different story (if you want to believe my Ivritalk teachers ...) How is this going? Well, I put J'slem Post Ivrit on my beside locker and taking the chance to have a look at it every night, just for a couple of minutes (even if some persons do not approve this procedure), then repeating the new vocabulary the next day. What is open for questions or discussions: I leave it - for my Ivritalk session! There I get professional answers and feedback: we talk, we have fun. I make an error, no problem: we talk, we laugh, we have even more fun! When I take a double session, we go into socialising, the weather, topical issues and more. At the end I get the minutes via e-mail: i dump them to the printer and collect them, like the JPost ivrit. Sometimes my managerial duties are somewhat challenging, so I can't make it to my scheduled Ivritalk sessions: but that's no problem, either. The website is flexible enough to re-schedule it quickly: tshick-tshack, as we Israelis say :-)”
Albi, Germany

“An exciting way to learn the language and improve your Hebrew. I enjoy the weekly conversations I have with the teachers of Ivritalk very much. It greatly helped me to become more confident and more fluent in speaking the language. I learned to talk about all kinds of subjects and topics in Hebrew. My listening and comprehensive skills also greatly improved. Reading The Jerusalem Post Ivrit- monthly is really fun. It offers you a wide range of interesting subjects and enriches your vocabulary very much. I recommend the Ivrit Talk training from The Jerusalem Post Ivrit to anybody who wants to master Hebrew and improve his language skills. Today I am able to talk to my Israeli friends in their native tongue and I am very grateful to the Ivritalk teachers for their contribution. I would like to say to them: Thank you very much! In Hebrew: Toda raba!”
Cornelius Burggraaf, Holland

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