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The daily Jerusalem Post, available in print from Sunday to Thursdays in Israel, has been covering the region for 78 years, since 1932, through the highs and lows, the wars and peace agreements, tragedies and celebrations. Accurate, fair-minded, non-partisan and featuring insightful analyses and a diverse range of comment pieces from across the Zionist spectrum, The Jerusalem Post has come to be regarded as one of the world’s most resonant and influential newspapers.
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'The Jerusalem Report' - an editorially independent bi-weekly newsmagazine that features original journalism from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world. The Report consistently aims to bridge the gaps between Israel and the Diaspora, and honestly assess Israel's relations with its Arab neighbors. For the first time, The Jerusalem Report is now available in an online format in our Premium Content zone.

'Dash' youth magazine - the Israeli magazine for English-speaking young people around the world. Introduce your teenagers to their heritage on their terms and in their language. Read about fashion, food and fads. Meet young Israelis in high school and in the army. Find out about music, sports, culture, science and technology that originates in Israel.

'The Jerusalem Post - Christian Edition' – a special edition dedicated to Israel's Christian friends’ unique interests.

'The Jerusalem Post - IVRIT' – IVRIT is a high standard magazine in easy Hebrew for the whole family. IVRIT is meant for improving basic Hebrew reading skills. The magazine contains songs, games, recipes, a poster for children – and more. The magazine contains three levels of Hebrew, with punctuation, a dictionary, transcription and pronunciation help.

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